Liquid egg products

Liquid egg products

Fresh liquid egg products are a great solution for several applications in both food preparing and food production. The liquid egg products are made from the freshest eggs produced at egg suppliers in Poland, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Spain and are delivered anywhere in Europe. As one of the suppliers of liquid egg products to food producers, caterers and confectioners we guarantee high quality liquid egg products, with an outstanding service.

Liquid egg products that fit your needs

At Omega Food you choose from of a wide range of liquid egg products. Choose liquid whole eggs with both the egg yolk and egg white. This is a perfect basis for multiple sauces and baking’s. Go for egg yolks, that are great when you need to prepare sauces, such as mayonnaise. Or order egg whites, which are a key ingredient to whipped cream and many other baking products. The liquid egg products are suitable for several dishes and products. They can be delivered unseasoned or seasoned with salt or sugar, depending on your requirements. The pasteurized fresh liquid eggs are delivered fast in safe packaging. We offer three packaging options:

  • Small plastic cans
  • Bag-in-boxes
  • Bulk containers

Order at one of the most experienced liquid egg suppliers

Omega Food is one of the most experienced liquid egg products suppliers in Europe, with years of experience in importing and exporting eggs all around the world. Do you need more information about the different liquid egg products or our delivery methods? Feel free to contact us at +31 497 53 50 30. Our friendly specialists gladly help you and provide you with a free quotation.

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