Fresh shell eggs for export markets

Omega Food is one of the Dutch leading companies in export of fresh shell eggs to countries outside of the EU boundaries. We offer fresh white and brown eggs, packed in seaworthy export cartons, to customers in Africa, the Middle East and Far East.

At customers request we can pack the eggs in cartons, either in our Omega Food brand name box or in customized brand cartons. When it comes to the size of the eggs we offer a wide variety. The following sizes are available at all times:

  • Large ( 63 till 73 g)
  • Medium ( 53 till 63 g)
  • Small ( 43 till 53 g)

By collaborating intensively with egg producers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Poland, France, Spain and Portugal we can deliver any number of eggs at any time. Depending on the conditions of the local market in the importer’s country, we can also offer our customers fresh eggs from Brazil, India and the Ukraine.

If requested, the country of origin, the production date and the expiration date can be printed on each egg. Furthermore, it is also possible to apply import information on the export cartons in any language.

At the customer’s request, Omega Food will arrange and manage the entire logistic process up to arrival at the destination’s harbor. The eggs are distributed in refrigerated 20’’ft or 40’’ ft reefer containers.

All our egg-producers meet the requirements of the veterinary and health authorities in their country. Because of our collaboration with professional egg suppliers and the right partners in road- and sea-freight Omega Food guarantees a fast, adequate and fresh delivery.

The necessary export documents, such as certificates of origin, health certificates and Bill of Lading, will be obtained and processed by us. Keeping you care-free as your eggs are on their way to the destination of your choice.

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