Fresh shell eggs for European markets

For several generations Omega Food is active in producing high quality eggs. Years of dedication made it possible for our business to grow. At the farms the laying hens are kept in a wide variety of modern housing systems. Every day our employees and farmers keep close track on the wellbeing of the hens. All barn eggs, free range eggs and organic eggs are graded and packaged by our staff to guarantee the best packaging method for your order. Delivering high quality and service is the key to our success.

We offer a wide range of different types of fresh eggs, barn eggs, free range and organic eggs. A specialty is quail eggs, of quails that are free to fly in their houses.

A large number of different pack sizes is available under both Omega Food and private label.

The eggs can be delivered to companies, such as supermarkets, foodservice, hotels and food producers throughout Europe.

At the request of our customers we can offer eggs from laying hens which are non-debeaked and which are fed with non-GMO feed ingredients.

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