Egg trader

Egg trader

Buy high quality eggs at a professional Dutch egg trader. Omega Food delivers eggs of the best quality with exceptional service. The collaboration with multiple egg suppliers from the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Poland and Belgium guarantees a fast delivery, even for large orders.

Tailor made deliveries by a specialized egg trader

Whey ordering whole shell eggs it is important to know that they are fresh, safe and delivered in the right package. Your eggs delivered in an egg box with the logo of your supply company? We, as egg trader, provide the option to brand the egg box of your order or to print the Omega Food brand. Brown and white whole shell eggs are available in different sizes varying from small to large that are available all year round. If requested, we manage the entire logistic process of the ordered eggs, including all required export documents.

How can we help you?

Let us know how we can help you with your egg order by calling us at +31 497 53 50 30. One of our specialists will gladly advice you on your purchase. As a professional egg trader, we offer various other egg related products, such as boiled and peeled eggs, coloured Easter eggs and liquid egg products for easy food production.

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