Consumption eggs

Consumption eggs

We are your partner when the consumption of eggs in your hotel, restaurant or other business is increasing. Omega Food is a wholesale egg dealer, based in the Netherlands. With an intense collaboration with multiple European egg suppliers we deliver every amount of eggs, at all time, all around the world.

Safe consumption of eggs is guaranteed

You want your customers to eat safe and fresh eggs. At Omega Food we guarantee the best quality eggs that are safe for consumption. Nowadays, you can serve your guests many courses, made with eggs. Do you want to serve your guests scrambled eggs? Cooked and peeled eggs? Or soft boiled eggs? Our versatile options have something in store for every kind of business. These options include:

  • Raw white and brown shelled eggs
  • Cooked and peeled eggs
  • Liquid egg products
  • Coloured and cooked eggs

All our eggs that are destined for consumption are available as barn eggs, free range eggs and biological eggs.

Serve your customers high quality eggs

At all time you want to serve your guests the freshest eggs. Choose fresh Omega Food eggs that are shipped fast and safe to maintain the highest quality. More information about our eggs? Reach us by calling +31 497 53 50 30.

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